To Prevent Premixed Dry Mortar Segregation Phenomenon

In the whole process of pre-mixed dry mortar production line, how to prevent premixed dry mortar "segregation" phenomenon, is the production of pre-mixed mortar enterprises have to face a problem. However, dry powder mortar "segregation" problem is not "incurable diseases." Relatively wet with concrete and wet mix mortar management is much easier! As long as the right medicine, the problem will be solved! In the case of

1.pre-mixed dry mortar "segregation" problem is not "incurable diseases."

In theory, dry powder mortar in the course of the movement may produce segregation phenomenon, but some of the process of "segregation" is very slight can be ignored. Drying mortar "isolation" to prevent, in addition to the production process requires strict control of the quality of the process, the focus should be placed on the finished product after the point, especially in the dry powder mortar "drop" in the process to work hard. In the case of

2.pre-mixed dry mortar "segregation" problem is due to the material angle of repose caused by different.

View a lot of information, the dry powder mortar "segregation" problem research focused on the free fall of the material. In fact, the occurrence of "segregation" of dry powder mortar is not a result of the free falling process, which occurs after the material falls into a vertebral body. Powder material (cement, etc.) and granular materials (sand and other) angle of repose is different, when the dry mortar in the accumulation process naturally formed vertebral body, the powder with the vertebral body naturally stacked up, and sand and other particles from The vertebral body naturally slips down - "segregation" produces. The size of the gap between the material, determines the powder material and granular material "segregation" of the severity. Different particles of "segregation" results are different, river sand than other sand "segregation" on the small. In the case of

3.pre-mixed dry mortar "segregation" and the structure of the storage tank has a great relationship

Whether it is finished product storage tank, or site storage tank, tank structure is unreasonable is leading to dry powder mortar "segregation" one of the main factors. Whether the material in the storage tank is the whole or the "drop" and the falling of the material is the key to whether the dry powder mortar has "segregated". Today, most of the storage tank tank material is a problem, these devices are not in the material to help smooth, but to promote the material in the "segregation." In the case of

4.loading, cutting speed on the "segregation" have an impact.

Whether it is loading, pumping material, or storage tank. Equipment, the amount of material to be large, faster. Experiments show that the material is small, the cutting speed is slower than the material, the cutting speed of dry mortar "segregation" phenomenon should be serious. After the problem is found to focus on breakthrough, through several experiments. And finally developed a "segregation" storage and mixing equipment, the first batch of equipment in more than 30 construction sites have been successfully used. Equipment performance is excellent, anti-"segregation" effect is obvious, completely solve the equipment used before the uneven, segregation serious, equipment failure rate and more problems.