What Are The Characteristics Of Mortar?

Speaking of the construction industry, it is a deal with mortar and cement and soil, whether it is decoration house or building a house must use mortar, cement. Not to say that in accordance with the operator's mood, like how to add to how to match, if not in accordance with the strict requirements to mortar with the ratio, then built out of the house or decoration out of the house, the quality becomes the most serious problem. Although they are the most common in people's daily life of a material, but we are not very understanding of this material, with everyone today to see with the mortar in the information with it.

What is mortar and what is the classification

Mortar is a building the most commonly used materials, they are the sand and glue in accordance with a certain proportion of the mixture, where the glue is cement, lime and sticky soil. And then add the appropriate water, the use of agitator for mixing, they formed a mortar, mortar with a very important proportion, the proportion of the match, can play an important role in the use of the process. As the composition of different materials, they can be divided into limestone mortar, cement mortar, mixed mortar, different types of mortar has a different role. In construction, the most common is the cement lime mortar. They have a role and function that can not be ignored. According to the different uses can be divided into masonry mortar, mortar mortar. They are mainly played a strong and aesthetic performance.

What are the properties of mortar

Mortar with the workability, mobility, water retention, hardening strength of the role. They can be very easy to cover the brick or stone surface, uniform and strong and strong. The fluidity of the mortar is influenced by the size of the water and the material particles. In the mortar into the lime paste, pulverized coal, they can maximize the water retention performance.

Mortar‘s use and type

Mortars have a variety of different types, they are mainly affected by different uses, different functions, different requirements, mortar mix ratio is also different, in their cooperation, will use a large electric mixer, so you can greatly shorten the work Amount, improve efficiency, and stir out the mortar is very uniform. There will be no dry sand, cement alone exist phenomenon. Greatly improving the utilization rate. It is best to use now mix. Because they do not have time, then it will solidify into a solid, which can not be used once again, resulting in an invisible waste.

Mortar information that so much, I believe that construction and decoration of the friends are very clear, and for the owners are not also understand it? In your own home improvement you can also be a small supervisor, a serious check the safety of home improvement.