What Mistakes Do We Make When You Buy Insulation Trim Plates?

The choice of insulation decorative panels is very important, which relates to the use of late problems. So in the purchase of insulation decorative panels to pay special attention to the following Xiaobian to tell you about the insulation decorative board in the purchase of some errors, hoping to help you:

Some users that the inorganic insulation material is only good hardness, small aperture is a good product, which is insulation materials on the board a misunderstanding. Not on the insulation decorative plate system understanding of shallow, do the project on the insulation board system in a variety of materials do not consider its compatibility and compatibility. Can not be considered thermal conductivity of 0.065 inorganic insulation materials, can not meet the 50% energy saving requirements.

The choice of insulation decorative plate regardless of quality, only to the price line, the price is cheap to use. For some new exterior insulation materials, not because the quality of factory manufacturers, but off on the complete negation of the kind of insulation technology. Can not be selected in the external wall insulation material as the main insulation material only by the thermal conductivity or water absorption rate as the basis for evaluation. Not in the technical level that the whole closed hole insulation material thermal conductivity is low, it must be a good insulation material.

In the custody of the insulation board to prohibit the fire, whether indoor or outdoor, where there are places to place construction materials should be prohibited any fire. In its surrounding should not be placed flammable and explosive dangerous goods. In the construction site must be prohibited insulation decorative panels and electrical welding, grinding wheel cutting and other construction cross work, in the electrical welding, grinding wheel cutting and other construction materials should be used to other materials and welding tools completely separated from the sparks to prevent sparks , Ignite the material, causing a fire.

Some people think that all the construction materials on the construction site will be conducive to access to materials, save time. But the construction site should not store too much insulation material. In fact, due to the construction site is limited, in a certain area in addition to building materials, there are construction workers and construction tools, the scene material once the stacking will cause excessive use of the site area, staff activities narrowed, no progress on the construction Help, but will affect the progress of construction and quality, generally should not be placed more than three days of material usage.