San Di Jianke overall spray wall perfect solution to the steel structure "three board" problem

Zhengzhou San Di Construction Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the new wall materials, construction machinery, building 3D printing technology research and development, production, construction in one of the science and technology enterprises.

San Di overall spray wall technology is a three di spray paint and a certain percentage of light particles mixed with water after the preparation of a light slurry for the wall material, in the work site to light steel skeleton as the force Structure, steel mesh or template for the carrier, the overall spray forming a new type of wall.

San Di the overall construction of the light wall with the following advantages and characteristics.

1, excellent overall performance, the building inside and outside the wall can form a whole.

2, to steel structure for the skeleton of the wall, good seismic performance.

3, excellent sound insulation performance, the Tsinghua University sound insulation experiment, the wall is built as a whole, there is no plate or block building materials caused by the wall of the patchwork sound bridge, 90mm thickness of up to 43 dB sound insulation effect.

4, by the Ministry of Public Security Tianjin anti-testing center testing, the wall up to 4 hours fire resistance limit.

5, the wall mechanical performance is good, the mechanical test test, spray casting slurry and steel keel steel mesh composite can be achieved after the anti-suspension 350kg, impact 50kg for 5 times without cracks, the deflection can carry their own weight more than 4 times weight.

6, three Di Jianke overall spray wall perfect solution to the steel structure "three board" problem