Eco-friendly Composite Wall

Eco-friendly Composite Wall
Product Details

 1.Density: 650 (kg / m3)

 2. Compressive strength: 5 (MPa) 

 3. Sound absorption coefficient: 45db

 4. Material: Lightweight aggregate concrete 

 5. Grade: high quality 

 6. Use position: inside and outside the wall 

 7. Special features: Sound absorption 

 8. Appearance: solid wall board

product description

Composite lightweight wallboard is a high-density calcium silicate board for the surface layer material, the middle filled with high-strength cement, fly ash, slag, polystyrene particles and admixture into a slurry made of a single composite high-grade Solid light wall panels. Product size: length 2440mm, width 610mm, thickness 60-240mm (self-regulation). The product has the advantages of fireproof, soundproofing, thermal insulation, waterproof and moistureproof, energy saving and environmental protection, can be arbitrarily slotted, easy to cut, can be recycled, dry operation, without approval and other advantages, but also can reduce the wall occupied area, Utilization, saving the project completion time, reduce the structural load, improve the building seismic capacity and safety performance, reduce the overall cost. Products can be widely used in various types of high and multi-storey building non-load-bearing walls, such as hotels, hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, office buildings, administrative office buildings, municipal public buildings and various types of residential.

Composite light wall is the country to vigorously promote the green new building materials, low-carbon products, energy saving, environmental protection, waste, in line with national industrial policy, enjoy a series of national policy concessions, is the direction of wall building materials reform.

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